Senior Software Developer PowerDNS (Go) (m/f/d)


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Our Mission:

Are you a motivated experienced person, used to working in an international multi-cultural environment, who really wants to make a difference in keeping the Internet free and open? Are you looking for a role where you can really make an impact?
At PowerDNS, part of Open-Xchange, we decided to leave dead-end jobs where you don't make an impact and offer passionate experts the opportunity to be part of an international team that connects the world and millions of people. By developing and delivering open-source DNS software, we ensure that one of the foundational protocols underpinning the Internet stays free for anyone to use. And by providing services and additional closed-source software tailored to large-scale telco and enterprise use-cases, we ensure a viable and sustainable business that can continue to deliver on our principal goal of a free and open Internet.
We believe it’s crucial to work in an environment where people feel valued, are energized by their work and deliver added value – to colleagues, to our community, and to our customers.


So this is what you get at PowerDNS:

  • You’ll learn from experts and increase proficiency by sharing your knowledge and profiting from theirs.
  • You’ll work with colleagues from all over the world, so connecting people is not only our vision, it’s the way we work.
  • You'll use open-source technology and play your part in the fight against big, dominant companies to keep the internet open.
  • You'll work in a company with a deep, modern tech stack.


Does that sound like the working environment for you? If so, please get in touch and we can start the discussion.
Many experts feel trapped in their job and don't think they can make a difference; however, that’s simply not true – everyone can make a difference!
Be ready to shape your personal future, and the future of millions of people.
Join us in our fight for an open internet and deliver added value! All you need to do is get in touch, so click the ‘apply now’ button, fill the form and be in contact.


Team info:

We are the PowerDNS team and we are looking for a new team member to join us. Offering flexibility in both hours (full-time or part-time) and location (remote and in-office), we are currently looking for a very experienced developer with a particular affinity for Go.
PowerDNS develops and maintains a suite of both open-source and closed-source DNS products. The closed-source DNS solutions and modules, such as a DNS-filtering security solution and a DNS-orchestration solution for cloud-native environments, are for the most part written in Go. As a Software Developer for PowerDNS you will use your knowledge and experience to design and implement the future evolution of these solutions and modules in general, with a particular focus on the DNS-filtering security solution as new lead developer for that product. This solution uses a distributed architecture built for large telco environments, designed to perform personalized security and content-related DNS filtering at scale and with high performance, given the importance of low latency DNS to the subscriber user experience. The PowerDNS main office is located in The Hague, but you are free to work remotely from home in the Netherlands or one of the other European countries where Open-Xchange has entities. Check out one of our open-source, Go-based software modules for a taste of the type of software we build:


Our tech stack:

  • Programming languages: Mainly Go, Python (Django), and Lua; a little bit of C for FFI bindings

  • Network protocols: DNS, TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6

  • Databases and messaging: Redis, NATS, LMDB, Postgres

  • Kubernetes, Docker Compose


Your new job:

  • You’ll take the lead in designing and developing features for our DNS-filtering solution, guiding other developers that work on it as well.
  • You’ll work to ensure the solution works effectively in high-volume, low-latency recursive DNS service environments, delivering high availability with minimal performance impact.
  • You’ll design and implement smart solutions to scalability problems.
  • You’ll make monitoring and alerting first-class citizens in our solution.
  • You'll occasionally design and develop features for the various other Golang-based DNS solutions and software modules, such as Lightning Stream:
  • You'll work with Product Management and other developers in the team to design future architectures and determine the best approach for implementation.
  • You'll ensure that nothing is done twice by automating everything.
  • You'll support our Sales Engineering and Support teams with technical questions or issues from customers.
  • You'll continuously improve yourself and the products by investigating alternatives and new technologies.

Your background:

  • You already have several years of experience in software development in Go for back-end systems.
  • You have a strong focus on building resilient software for reliable deployments.
  • You are able to work collaboratively to define requirements, design and implement complex systems, communicating proactively with other stakeholders.
  • You are able to guide other developers working on your project.
  • You have knowledge and experience with network protocols such as TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, and DNS.
  • You have an affinity with CI/CD workflows and tools.
  • You are experienced in developing and deploying applications in Kubernetes and Docker.
  • You possess troubleshooting skills from code to systems to network and everything in between.
  • You can effectively communicate in English verbally and in writing across all levels.

This is what you get at PowerDNS:

  • The possibility to work full or part time wherever you want in accordance with your needs.
  • Flexible working hours that allow you to successfully combine your home and family responsibilities with work.
  • Stay up to date with latest tech, by working on modern cloud software in an international team.
  • The opportunity to be part of an exciting organizational development.
  • Sharing thoughts is part of our DNA so expect Workshops and Team Events.
  • Taking part in one of our Communities of Practice.
  • Time off for volunteer work.
  • We can discuss further location-related benefits together in an initial talk (e.g. company bike, company sports, digital meal vouchers, company pension scheme, subsidy for ergonomic chairs and desks).


Join the team:

Join us in our fight for an open internet and deliver added value! All you need to do is get in touch, so click the ‘apply now’ button, fill the form and be in contact.


Your contact person:

Reach out to Justin ( from the People Team. He will be able to discuss current opportunities and tell you more about our exciting vision and mission at PowerDNS.